Black Friday 2022 Perfume Must Haves

With Black Friday right around the corner, remember to pop your seasonal faves into your basket now, in prep for the best discounts of the year! With it getting darker earlier than ever, it is important to treat yourself and loved ones.

We have inevitably shift from our bright and light scents to our autumnal scents. This year we take inspiration from millennial pink, the colour of the moment in today’s fashion and design, is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. From Instagram-aesthetic restaurants to rose coloured accessories, this colour symbolizes unapologetic joy. There is no doubt that pink is a power colour and it has retained its power throughout the seasons, leading to luxury designers using it as inspiration to develop feminine fragrances which reinstate the colour’s magic with every spray. This idea blends perfectly with this year’s popular trend – florals for fall. With many pink flower notes being used in today’s perfumes, read on to see which perfect pink fragrances you’ll definitely want on your dressing table as the weather gets colder. Put this beauty aside for the Black Friday sale!

Marc Jacobs Perfect for Women

Inspired by Marc Jacob’s mantra ‘I am perfect as I am’, this fragrance is all about embracing and expressing your true self.

If I had to sum up this unique scent in three words it would be: modern, radiant and feminine. With its eccentric yet harmonious blend of fresh floral with calming notes, the perfume’s name says it all. Opening with delicious notes of rhubarb and bright daffodil, the comforting heart of almond milk is revealed which is then finished with a soft woody base of cedarwood and cashmere.

If you aren’t sold on this heavenly scent yet then you definitely will be thanks to the packaging. The light pink bottle is a fun mix of elegance and modernity with the cap crowned with an eclectic and multi-coloured collection of mismatched, unique charms which look like fashion monopoly pieces.

Whether you are going out to an evening dinner with the girls, to the office or simply for your weekly supermarket shop, the woman who wears this scent will exude optimism, self-acceptance and confidence.

Hugo Boss Alive for Her

Don’t you just love it when you spray a perfume and something gorgeous lingers but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is? Well this fragrance leaves you with that exact feeling.

Alive is independent, elegant and powerfully feminine. It opens with juicy notes of apple, blackcurrant, plum and cinnamon – reminding you of a delicious fruit salad. This is followed by bursting floral notes of jasmine and thyme and completed with a woody base of cedarwood, sandalwood and olivewood. However, it is the infused touches of natural Madagascan vanilla which leave you craving more without realizing what it is.

A touch of Alive goes a long way as the subtle reminders of this complex scent leaving a lasting impression. Again, put this treasure away for the Black Friday sale and treat yourself very very soon!

Calvin Klein Eternity Eau Fresh

Closing out our list, is a fragrance which will definitely become one of the most reached for in your perfume collection.

Eternity is one of the most iconic perfumes by Calvin Klein and don’t worry, everything you love about the original is back for Eau Fresh but this time bringing a lighter, more sparkling impression thanks to the introduction of sweet fruits. Opening with a fresh burst of nectarine, succulent lychee and sorbet – these light fruity nuances ooze youthful energy. This is complemented by the floral bouquet of peony, peach blossoms and neroli petals which not only explains the perfume’s gorgeous pink shade but also reminds me of morning dew on flowers. This sweetness is then calmed by the sophisticated base of patchouli, musk and amber.

Soft, innately feminine and bursting with beautiful florals – this scent sits gently on your skin like silk on the body.

Treat yourself next month and continue to look for all of our great deals and discounts!