How to use Hair Rollers?!

Tik Tok has taken the world by storm for women who are looking for that perfect heatless curl, it sounds impossible, but it really does work, trust me!

If you are someone who has tried everything to get your stubborn hair to hold a curl, but nothing has worked, then look no further! Hair rollers are about to transform your life and you will never look back. All you need to know, is how to use your hair rollers and you will be good to go.

The first step in knowing how to use your hair rollers is selecting your hair rollers! The best way to do this is determining whether your hair sits within short length, medium length, long length, and very long length, from this we can decide what width you will need for that perfect curl.

  • For short hair you want to be looking at the 28-33millimetre range
  • For medium hair you want to be looking at the 36-40millimetre range
  • For long hair you want to be looking at the 50-64 millimetre range
  • For very long hair you want to be looking at the 60-75 millimetre range

This is simply guidance from us at Scentsational, but feel free to experiment and see what works for you!

The next step of knowing how to use your hair rollers is, you should decide what type of curl you are after! Are you looking for those tight ringlet curls? Or are you looking for something that gives you those natural beach waves? Or even anything in between? Then you want to confirm whether the recommendations above are best fit for you. For tighter ringlets then try sizing down with your hair rollers and if you want something more wavy, then trying going up a size. For me, I had to experiment with a few to find my preference! There is no wrong or right way of using your hair rollers, it’s all about preference and style!

The next step of how to use your hair rollers is washing your hair, as you usually would and making sure your hair is close to dry! This is very very important to note, probably the most important out of the whole how to use your hair rollers guide! If your hair is wet, then the curl will simply not hold. So a top tip is to dry your hair 90% of the way there and then brush your hair into specific sections (depending on how many hair rollers you have). You don’t want to overload your hair onto the roller because it will make them looser, about 20 strands per roller is a good approximation.

The next step of how to use your hair roller is deciding on whether you want your hair to flick outwards or inwards, this will correspond to how you curl the roller! If you want flicks outwards then you want to roll your hair outwards as you roll it up the curler, if you want it to flick inwards then you want to roll it towards your face. But do not worry too much, your hair will have the same voluminous look, no matter which way you decide! It might take a bit of playing around to see what best suits you, but I love flicking it outwards for that 90’s look!

The final step of how to use your hair rollers is waiting 30-45 minutes with the rollers in before removing them. I often see the same mistakes by many ladies when they remove their Velcro hair rollers, you want to quickly remove it, in one swift motion, rather than slow. This is because you want the curl to stay intact and doing it slowly can remove it! So trust me on this…

My new favourite addition to the hair roller hype is the new Babyliss pro curl heated rollers, that come in a set of 20! This is great because I feel like I never have enough rollers for my whole hair, so you cannot go wrong with 20 of them. The fact they are heated is fab too, it means the curls will be long lasting and tighter! It comes with clips to hold the curls and dividers to split your hair easily into sections! Let us know how you get on with these!

Babyliss Pro Curl 20 Piece Heated Rollers Set | Scentsational

If you are still confused about what size to go for then feel free to have a browse through our hair rollers range that come in a variety of different sizes in a jumbo pack! The best part about these hair rollers is that they are Velcro and so you don’t need the hassle of attaching clips- it is like magic!

Hair Tools Velcro Rollers Large Blue 40mm | Scentsational