Love Island Essentials!!

With love island just coming to our screens after what feels like a lifetime, don’t you wonder what the islanders must scramble to pack beforehand? The love island essentials the number one love island essentials would be the crazy angel spray tan dry oil, because why not make sure that whilst ur in the sun everyday- your tan is consistent, bright and prevents any burn. With many of us not being able to go on holiday, we have to take matters into our own hands & make sure we get that sunshine & accelerate the tanning process. The oil contains SPF so you are ensuring a consistent and even tan, whilst promising protection against the harmful UVB rays, what more could you ask for? I love getting those compliments on my tan when I’ve just come back from holiday,

So this isn’t just a love island essential, but an essential for all! The crazy angel brand specialise in sun protection and tanning oils, which is why this reliable brand and product is a must for summer 2021! if you haven’t tried the Bioderma Photoderm range, then you have not lived! The biological based skincare company use scientific research to bring you the best of the best cosmetic ranges on offer! But what I love the most about this product is the spray capabilities. It is so much easier than applying directly from your hand, you can apply evenly onto your whole body- especially those spots that you usually miss! You remember ur neck, shoulders and back without a huge struggle.

This is a love island essentials, because tanning oil SPF is not enough! With the islanders being on the sun beds and exposure to the sun all day, they will need a solid SPF 50 protection which is reapplied throughout the day- so yhe bioderma photoderm spf 50 sun mist, is the easiest way of ensuring constant protection. It is suitable for children too, which makes it an all rounder for the families to use! The smell is divine & takes me right back to watching love island every summer!

If your hair is anything like mine on holiday, then you need to add the DCM professional extra strong hairspray to the love island essentials! My hair becomes instantly frizzy and has a life of its own when I go on holiday, my usual straight hair becomes wavy and crazy, making it impossible for nice photo worthy pictures at dinner! So the answer to all our prayers is an extra strong hairspray that keeps your hair tamed, even the most stubborn of baby hairs! It is perfect because you end up washing it all away at the pool the next morning. It provides that consistent hairstyle without the hardness and stickiness & leaves your hair feeling divine.

I often wonder how the islanders on love island keep their hair looking immaculate & trust me, it’s all in the hairspray! They are on camera 24/7, so an extra strong spray is needed. This large bottle lasts forever and smells amazing.

The final love island essential is the OPI shorta story. The first thing I notice about the islanders on TV is their nails, I wonder how the upkeep is after weeks and weeks of not being able to keep those extensions on! It always baffles me as to how they kept them neat (other than those who have lost an acrylic or two)… and all they needed to do was invest in a solid OPI nail varnish that wasn’t going to constantly chip- to replace their usual gel nails. It won’t be removed even in the most stubborn of chlorine & leaves their hands looking summery and fab at all times. 

The sheen finish is what let’s it glow on TV & keeps them looking fresh and tidy, they can’t afford to let themselves go when they’re trying to find the one… 

But you can’t go wrong this summer with an OPI polish, especially when so many of us are scared to go to the salon again, it really does the job!!! 

The love island essentials are great to understand how the islanders always look their best, but they can also be your summer and cosmetic essentials all year round- to keep yourself looking your best!