Montibello: Healthy Hair is Happy Hair

We often don’t realise how much our hair can be affected by our lifestyle, pace of life and eating habits – all of which prevent it from getting the nutrients it needs. However, that’s where Montibello comes in…I recently discovered these Spanish haircare experts and boy am I in love. Their products contain the perfect blend of natural active ingredients to put a stop to our hair woes.

I’ve created a list of my favourite Montibello hair products for first timers and devotees (like myself) alike:

Decode Smooth Sleek Serum Moisturising Anti-frizz Serum

Decode is Montibello’s new range which revolutionizes the finishing of hair styling. The impeccably formulated range focuses on vivid finishes to reflect the personality of each wearer.

This serum eliminates frizz, is resistant to humidity, seals your ends and creates a sleek finish without weighing down your hair – provide the perfect, polished finish. Trust me when I say this serum will become your go-to for achieving your ideal finish without the annoying fly-aways!

Montibello Decode Smooth Sleek Serum Moisturising Anti-frizz Serum 150ml, £15.20 at

Decode Curl Creator Activating Balm

Another Decode product, another blessing. This activating balm stimulates natural, flexible curls and is one product that I’ll definitely be packing in my suitcase for my next holiday. With its UV and heat protection and ability to make your hair smoother, it will be a life saver in the sun. Better yet, this strong-hold product is suitable for slightly curly and wavy hair and only needs minimal application on damp hair.

Montibello Decode Curl Creator Activating Balm 150ml, £16.63 at

Balance Restore Antigrasa Shampoo

Been shopping around for a new shampoo? Well, this product is going to be one you’ll want to add to your shopping cart after you’ve finished reading.

Introducing their new, innovative Treat Naturtech range, this collect is the first of its kind formulated around the Tricho Nutrition technology which ‘intelligently transports and releases nutritional elements exactly where they are needed’…sounds fancy and works! Filled with all the nutrients your hair needs, you could say these products are your hair’s five-a-day.

Although I love the entire range, this particular shampoo is something special. I find that my hair needs a good, deep clean and a lot of shampoos on the market don’t really do that. However, I’ve found that this balance restoring shampoo really has left my hair squeaky clean and super manageable. I love the fact my hair receives a deep cleansing without being stripped of all its natural oils.

Montibello Balance Restore Antigrasa Shampoo 1000ml, £17.10 at

Colour Correction Stop Yellow Shampoo 300ml – £11.88

Being blonde of course has its perks, but staying blonde…that’s another story altogether. I think all my fellow blondes out there can agree that our biggest rivals are brassiness, watching those dark roots emerge and thinking about the cost of yet another trip to the salon is heartbreaking.

Nonetheless, this colour correcting shampoo uses the latest vegan technology to instantly neutralize unwanted yellow undertones using purple pigments, saving you that professional touch-up and flourishing your golden locks. Better yet, this shampoo only needs to be used once or twice a week and so if you are happy with your current everyday shampoo then you won’t have to give that up.