New Year, New Me Top Perfume Tips For The New Year

It’s almost that time again. The time for list upon endless list of new year’s resolutions to be made. As soon as January wheels around, personal trainers will see a swarm of new clients flock through their gym doors, chocolatiers will experience an unsurprisingly quiet month and said promises will almost certainly be broken quicker than you can say the words “this year I’ll stick to it”.

Bhat if you treated this new year coming as a chance for self-care, though, rather than as the usual invitation to go on some strict health kick that ends up actually making you feel worse and not better? Perfumes have been proven to make us feel better about ourselves. Some studies have shown, in fact, that up to 90% of women felt more confident when they were wearing a fragrance, than when they weren’t. With that in mind, the team here at Scentsational has put together some top perfume tips to see you kick off the new year with a swagger in your step!

Make Sure You Test Correctly

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a perfume is that they don’t test it properly. More specifically, people rush. What do we mean by this? Well, when you get that first smell of the perfume in the shop, you’re only getting the top notes. No, this isn’t a music lesson, every perfume and fragrance can be split into top notes, middle notes (also known as heart notes) and base notes.

Top notes are those you smell first, then the middle notes come as time goes on, before finally getting to the bottom, base notes. Perfumes are complex solutions, and if you’re judging whether you like one or not from a few minutes; worth of smelling, then you’re getting a wholly inaccurate picture of what it’s like, overall. So, perfume tip number one: test any perfume for a minimum of a few hours.

Don’t Go Crazy When You’re Testing

Picture this. You’re strolling through a street food market with all kinds of different, wonderful taste profiles available to you. Eyes wide with excitement, you nab, at your first opportunity, the following: a cone of fresh gelato, a steaming hot madras, some fancy Parma ham and some seriously sour bonbons. Unless you’re taste-blind or incredibly pioneering, you’re not going to consume them all at once… The same principle should apply whilst testing perfumes.

Whilst we know it can be all-too tempting to try lots at once, to get as broad an idea as possible, the scents will become mingled and entirely spoiled by clashing with one another. Perfume tip number two, then? Be patient with your testing – finding the fragrance that’s right for you is a marathon and not a sprint.

Trust Other People’s Noses As Much As You Do Your Own

There’s nothing worse than an overpowering fragrance. There’s a fine line, after all, between a scent that lingers and one that causes a headache. Our own noses grow accustomed to smells after a while, so much so that we no longer notice or smell the fragrance we’re actually wearing. At least, that should be the case…

If you’re still smelling it strongly after fifteen minutes or so, then you’ve either got yourself way too overpowering a perfume, or you’ve poured the bottle over yourself with realising… Perfume tip number 3: use your fragrance sparingly!

Consider The Perfume’s Purpose

What is it that you’re looking for from your perfume? Are you looking for something to quickly spray-on and go every morning, something alluring and intense for your dates or a fragrance to chime in with the season of the time?

With so many perfumes available out there, narrowing down your options by asking yourself that key question of what you intend to use it for. Perfume tip number 4: make the job of choosing easier by working out what you’re actually after.

Trust Your Gut

Whilst it’s of course a great feeling when people like your perfume, you’re ultimately the one wearing it, the one who should be enjoying it, the one who’s confidence and self-esteem this fragrance is going to impact.

So, you can look for all the advice in the world, you can listen to experts on the shop floor ad infinitum but if it doesn’t draw you in your gut, then we’d say look elsewhere. Perfume tip number 5: go with what you want!

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