Perfect Summer Lipstick

I completely get your pain when you literally cannot find that perfect summer lipstick shade! It feels like nothing is quite perfect, close but not dead on. So trust me when I say, the following recommended perfect summer lipsticks have personally been tried and tested by me and are my personal recommendations for summer 2021! You don’t need to spend hefty amounts on a lipstick to get that precise pigment that you have been looking for. Another common problem with dfinding that perfect summer lipstick is finding one that will stay on your lips and you can wear underneath your mask, without the risk of it completely disappearing! But don’t worry… Scentsational have got your back!

If you are a matte finished lover, then the perfect summer lipstick for you is the Bourjois Lipstick in the shade Happy Nude Year. This isn’t your traditional matte finish, the ones which annoyingly dry up your lips, it is a great velvet finish that does not shift! They promise a 24 hour last and the brush is perfect when you don’t have a lipliner and you need that extra definition. ‘The secret of its exclusive formula is a moisturising complex that combines hydrating waxes with light oils and rich pigments for an irresistible velvety soft finish that pops.’

How to use this perfect summer lipstick? Apply colour to the centre of the upper and lower lip
Apply colour working from the outer corners to the centre of the upper and lower lip Optionally, for a finishing touch and more shine, you may apply a lip gloss on top of the lipstick

Bourjois Rouge lipstick Happy Nude Year 09 67ml | Scentsational

YSL Volupte Sheer Lip Balm No15 Extreme Coral | Scentsational

This lip gloss screams the perfect summer lipstick for 2021! Coral has always been a personal favourite of mine, no matter what you are wearing, it creates those summer vibes and completes the summer outfit. YSL is renown for their lipstick formulas, high pigmented, moisturising and very long lasting, if you love any of those things then the YSL Volupte Sheer is the perfect summer lipstick for you! It’s housed in the perfect gold bottle which you can throw in your handbag whenever you go out and reapply whenever you take off your mask. The lovely finish with the coconut and pomegranate extract makes it the definition of a summer lipstick! Treat yourself this summer in our sale…

After so long being locked inside and not being able to show off your best self, why not treat yourself to be the boldest and happiest you can be? Wear that coral summer lipstick and match it with some coral nails!

How to use this perfect summer lipstick: For a natural look: apply one coat on the centre of the lips using the Volupté Liquid Colour Balm Lip Gloss applicator. Then, brush towards the outer corners before reversing the movement. For more coverage:  apply as above, then wait 20 seconds for the first coat to dry

Benefit Double The Lip Lipstick Lusty Rose | Scentsational

Do you want to enhance your lip game to a new level? Then look no further than the benefit double lipstick in the shade Lusty Rose. It is the perfect summer lipstick for summer 2021 if you are going for a dusty pink colour, rather than coral or red! There is nothing quite like it on the market right now, it is a 2 in 1- a lipliner and lipstick, that leaves you with fuller and sensational lips.

Its unique pear shaped applicator easily glides over the contours of the lips and it instantly adds dimension and leaves the lips looking WAY fuller. It is perfect for summer when you are wanting that ‘effortless’ look with a perfected pout. It delivers up to 8 hours of smudge free wear and the pen shaped bottle makes it easy for constant reapplication throughout the day, so you aren’t without your colour! The Lusty Rose is a personal favourite as the perfect summer lipstick, don’t miss out in the sale!

Maybelline Sensational Lipstick 190 Brilliant Cherry | Scentsational

Whatever perfect summer lipstick you are going for, no matter the shade, there is something for everyone at Scentsational. We can recommend the formula based on what your favourite finish is and how long lasting it is. Just give us a call or drop us an email for further support and we will be more than happy to answer any of your queries! With summer being limited again this year, we don’t want anyone to miss out on their much loved lippy, so choose out of the listed products for the perfect summer lipstick this summer!