The best fake tan for summer 2021

Here at Scentsational, we absolutely love a fake tan in the upcoming summer months and we know you all love them too! But with formulas constantly changing and shades becoming more bespoke and specific, we wanted to create a guide for the best fake tan for summer 2021. A great tan is more important than ever, with holidays being minimised and staycations being rare, we are left to our own devices! So listed below is the tried and tested formulas of our best recommendations for the best fake tans for summer 2021!

Are you looking for that instantaneous tan? Whether you have left it last minute or what a refreshed top up, then Crazy Angel bronze desire instant self-tan is the fake tan for you! We hear of so many issues from ladies and men that their tan looks inconsistent or is left patchy due to application, but that is where Crazy Angel takes the trophy, the 360 degree application spray means that the product is evenly distributed across the body, reducing any inconsistencies. The double tanning agents means that within 2 hours you should have your desired results. It doesn’t come up as heavily dark, but instead props up on the skin as a bronzy glow, making it the best fake tan for summer 2021. Another issue we always hear is that your skin can dry out from fake tan, however the beauty of this product is that it is infused with aloe vera and vitamin e to keep the skin moisturised and makes the tan long lasting! The medium shade is the sunkissed colour, perfect for light to medium skin shades! Treat yourself to the best fake tan for summer 2021 now, radiate as though you have had a real holiday!

Crazy Angel Bronze Desire Instant Airbrush Self-Tan (Medium) – 200ml (

The next recommended fake tan for summer 2021 is the Institut Esthederm Tan Enhancing lotion. Get that Hollywood glow in the UK this summer with the new tanning lotion from Institut Esthederm, this isn’t exactly fake tan but instead accelerates your tanning process when in the sun! it is a soothing after milk that hydrates and soothes the skin after exposure to the sun, maintains protection yet retains that tan and accelerates it so that you stay glowy and tanned for longer! It has been formulated for those that do not struggle to tan, but wish to have that extra glow of a fake tan. It is also a great add on for those who tan but also suffer from sun burn and thus require cell regeneration and protection, without scrubbing off the tan. Plus, it can be used on the face and body so the pigmentation process is elongated across the whole body, so you remain sun kissed for longer… This is the best fake tan for summer 2021 for those who fulfil all the requirements above!

Institut Esthederm Tan Enhancing Lotion 200ml | Scentsational

The next recommended fake tan for summer 2021 is the fake bake flawless tanning set! If you are someone who has not really had fake tan before but are keen to try it out, then the fake bake set is for you to achieve the perfect tan. The first step is essential and it is to remove the dead skin cells off the body, it is an exfoliation requirement, so that the tan is even and radiant! It includes a lavender scrub to infuse the skin. Step 2 includes the pigment for an evenly distributed tan which includes the gloves and finally, the last step includes the oil free moisturiser for a radiant finish. It is a great starter kit and is a wash off solution! This is the best fake tan for summer 2021 for those starting out with fake tan, with this easy 3 piece set.

Fake Bake Flawless Tanning 3 piece set 3 oz | Scentsational

The final recommended fake tan for summer 2021 is the Lancaster Sun Care Tan Deepener. Do you want that consistent tan all year round with an everyday SPF protection? Then look no further than the Lancaster Tan Deepener, you get to enjoy your tan whilst knowing you are protected against UV and UVB rays. Your skin is left feeling silky smooth with a consistent tan throughout, it is a long lasting tan deepener and is a gel like formula that sits upon the skin. We recommend adding after swimming or water exposure. The Lancaster formula also protects from any peeling of the sun as an after sun protector against burns. It is recommended for those who don’t have trouble naturally tanning but wish for a deeper and glowy sunkissed tan. Especially with our staycations and at-home holidays, the Lancaster tan deepener has never been so necessary! The best fake tan for summer 2021 for those who want a tan all year round.

Lancaster Sun Care Tinted Tan Deepener SPF6 200ml | Scentsational

Whatever tan you are going for, no matter the shade, there is something for everyone at Scentsational. We can recommend the SPF number you require and how many hours you can be exposed in the sun with protection. Just give us a call or drop us an email for further support and we will be more than happy to answer any of your queries! With summer being limited again this year, we don’t want anyone to miss out on their much loved tan, so choose out of the listed products for the best fake tan for summer 2021!