Beard care is the new Skincare with UK beard products

Lockdown is the perfect time to be growing out your hair and beard for men. It is the time where we don’t have to adhere to beauty standards, because we literally can’t! With salons and barbers shut, now is the time to experiment with your beard, making beard care the new skincare with our UK beard products.

Just like maintaining a skincare regime, the weather plays a huge factor with moisture levels and changes to the skin texture, so if you have facial hair to maintain, please read on! 

Trust me when I say, beard care doesn’t need to be expensive like skincare can sometimes be, Scentsational will help guide you on what products are best for you and your skin type with our UK beard products.

Osmo Beard Complex Intense Conditioning Oil | Scentsational

Has your significant other ever refused to get close to you because of your coarse, prickly and heavy facial hair? Does they ever tell you to ‘just shave that beard off’? Tell them to look no further because you have found the solution that helps both of you! With your extensive new knowledge of beard care being the new skincare, you have found conditioning oil. The Osmo Intense Conditioning Oil is perfect at revitalising and nourishing your beard whilst taming each of the individual hairs, so that they are not aggravating or irritating when encountering other skin. The natural derived ingredients of oils and nutrients leaves a non-greasy and non-oily finish whilst preventing the unwanted issue of beardruff!

Massaging the conditioning oil once a day for 5 minutes, stimulates blood flow to that area and increases growth, so if you need extra hydration, tackling beardruff or just want your facial hair to grow, the Osmo Conditioning Oil will become a new staple in your new beard care kit, with beard care being the new skincare, stock up on our UK beard products!

Dear Barber Shampoo 250ml For Hair & Beard | Scentsational

Similarly to our hair and skin, a gentle cleanse is needed on a daily basis to rid our skin from any grime, dirt and dead skin cells that are laying above and beneath the surface, to keep it clean and hygienic as well as preventing the emergence of spots! The Dear Barber shampoo formula has been developed to not rid your skin of the natural oils, as this stimulates growth and instead uses anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory ingredients that go beyond using a regular shampoo and leaves your skin looking fresh. Purchase the discounted Dear Barber Shampoo and you can thank us later when you see your new beard gains! The Dear Barber UK beard product brand is renown for their gentle and natural ingredients, making it perfect for any skin type, whether you have acne prone, combination or normal skin. 

We advise to not use any regular store-bought shampoo on your beard, as this has been specifically formulated for hair use, which strips the scalp of excess oil and sebum and can leave the scalp feeling dry. This may be acceptable upon your hair, however this will not have the same effect on your beard, the stripped sebum will leave your beard hairs weak and brittle and prone to breakage- which is not what you want. Beard care is the new skincare when it comes to research and understanding!

Beard oil is recommended to any male with facial hair because it not only stimulates growth but deposits essential oils and proteins to the skin which leaves it supple and soft whilst protecting it at the same time. Especially with the use of masks at the moment, your beard has probably never been trapped with so much dirt and excess oils, so a beard shampoo and oil must be a staple in your new kit! For even distribution, similarly to a face mask, a brush would be desirable to ensure the oil has been evenly distributed across the hairs, beard care really is the new skincare and with our help with the UK beard products, you will find yourself with a nourished, hydrated beard.

Another key tip from Scentsational for your beard care: investing in a beard brush with a wide toothed brush to target the tangles and tame coarse hairs. Optionally, you can finish up by massaging in your new conditioning beard oil, which will advance your new beard kit! Experiment with your new beard shampoo and style as you see fit, you can even trim little hairs if needed.

If you need further assistance on what products are best to use on your skin and beard, please do not hesitate to contact us at Scentsational. We can help guide you through the process, understanding and knowledge of UK beard products which is key with beard care! Once we ace our beard care, we can focus on skincare…