Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Are you looking for for last minute Valentine’s gifts? If so, you may be wondering ‘why does February 14th come around so quickly every year?’ Tell me about it! Perhaps you have forgotten all the gift hints your significant other has dropped for you. But this February 14th is like no other. Predominantly because you really must think outside of the box to make it memorable during lockdown. Wanting to do something nice for your loved one is one thing, but knowing what to do is another task on its own! If you’re anything like me, I will be searching for last minute Valentine’s gifts too.

What do women like more than going to the spa? Obviously, you can’t take her there at the moment, but what about bringing the spa to her? Read on to find how you can bring this last-minute gift to life with Scentsational!

Clarins SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask 75ml (

Our first last minute Valentines gift for her is the SOS hydra refreshing mask from Clarins. Start off your spa night with this face mask to set the tone! You can even do it as a couple and relax for the rest of the evening. This refreshing mask deposits and rebalances the skins surface with the essential nutrients and restores your skin to former glory! She will be feeling like a princess this Valentine’s day. Luckily, Scentsational also offers next day delivery so it will definitely be with you before the big day.

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo 480ml | Scentsational

The next gift for her is the philosophy birthday cake shampoo. This is perfect because it can double up as both a bubble bath and a luxurious shampoo; you cannot go wrong with this 2 in 1 gift. Run her a hot bubble bath with a tablespoon of this birthday cake and let the magic work on it’s own! (It really does smell like birthday cake!) This will add to your spa day, as she can relax in the bath whilst she has the face mask on.

OPI Nail Lacquer / Varnish Tickle My FranceY | Scentsational

The third step in the last minute Valentine’s gifts for her is the OPI Nail Polish in ‘France-y’. This completes the spa day because what’s better than the perfect shade of pink on the most romantic evening of the year! She will revel in it. The precise brush makes it so easy to apply and after the foot polish, can be applied to the toes for a matching set! This lacquer is thicker than other polishes, making it less likely to chip or smudge, which is music to my ears.

Essie Spa Pedicure On The Right Foot Polish 495g | Scentsational

The next step in the spa day is the Essie Spa Pedicure Foot Polish. This really does make it feel like going to the spa as it removes all the dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin; leaving it soft, supple, and smooth for weeks to come! And it is not just for females, you can treat yourself to it too. After the bubble bath, you can massage this in and quickly wash off for the best effects, she will definitely be thanking you later and no one has to know it was a last minute Valentines gift!

Montibello Treat Naturtech Keratin Force Mask 500ml | Scentsational

Why not treat your hair whilst you are treating the rest of your body? Add the Montibello Keratin Force Mask to the spa day, for the exclusive set for Valentines this year. It can be massaged into the hair strands and left on for 15-20 minutes before thoroughly rinsing. This keratin treatment deposits proteins to the hair and locks them in; making each strand less prone to breakage and makes your hair fuller and stronger overall. This can be used once a week and she will thank you forever once she sees the effects of it!

Moroccanoil Body Shimmering Body Oil 50ml Instant Radiance (

The final last-minute Valentines gift for her is the MoroccanOil Body Oil Shimmer, this is the perfect end to a perfect evening and spa. It smells divine and you can finally get some rest whilst smelling as though you actually went to the spa. After a bubble bath and feet soak, this is the cherry on top of the cake! Your body will feel hydrated, smooth and silky for days afterwards, making it a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Scentsational has free next day delivery once you spend £80 and on top of that, you should collect all these Valentines gifts for her and place it in a hamper, trust me she will love it. This year has been like no other, so why not treat her and make it a day to remember!