Cosmetic Trends and self-care regimes incoming for 2021!

We all love to know what is upcoming, and the interest in cosmetic trends for 2021 is no different! With 2020 finally drawing to a close, self-care regimes and cosmetic products have never been more in demand. With the endless lists of new year’s resolutions and new lockdown measures, cosmetic trends for 2021 are not only topical and interesting, but may prove to be vital for mental health in such difficult times…

What have I learnt about cosmetic trends for 2021?

With the disposable nature of facemasks, combined with endless pandemic related stress; we have never cared more about skincare and cosmetics in my life! We have more time to research our skin types and invest in products that would become our go to AM and PM self-care regime. A cosmetic trend that many discovered was the importance of hair oils, especially with coloured hair. With less of a focus on makeup- due to being locked inside – many have found that hair care has been a focus!

With more time on our hands than ever we are all focused on technology. This means that we are researching exactly what our hair needs! For example, bleached fine hair needs hydration. That’s not a cosmetic trend for 2021 admittedly, but the products and techniques are ever evolving so we need to keep on top of developments. Many have followed the cosmetic trends of DIY hair masks, which have quickly taken over Instagram and TikTok.

What cosmetic trends are incoming for 2021?

As we venture into the new year, many of the cosmetic trends for 2021will be here to stay. With salons and spa’s closed, it means we have had to become adaptable; adding ‘hairdresser’, ‘masseuse’, ‘nail technician’, and ‘dermatologist’ into our job descriptions.

 With social interactions taking a backseat, it means that the cosmetic trends of previous years (such as contouring) decreased and staying at home allowed our skin to breathe. Now, natural everyday makeup is becoming a social norm; with nothing to dress up for but the obligatory Zoom call. An SPF based moisturiser gives a radiant and consistent glow on the skin. The SPF acts as a physical barrier between the skin and external aggressors such as pollution and UV rays which are known to accelerate the signs of aging. This really is magic in a little pot, as it offers protection whilst also giving you that subtle glow every time you start your day! This cosmetic trend for 2021 is incoming and fast, with men and women understanding the importance of SPF protection.

The Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream has an SPF 20 with a shimmer to give you a lift and glow as it revitalises the skin and is a perfect base for makeup, if you wish to add more coverage. It restores the elasticity and glow that you have been missing! With more and more people understanding the importance of sun protection and harmful UV rays upon the skin, treat yourself to the SPF moisturiser and start adding to your self-care regime for 2021.

Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream SPF20 All Skin Types 50ml – Illuminating Lifting Replenishing Cream (

The next incoming cosmetic trend for 2021 that people must add to their self-care regime is high quality haircare. The pandemic has led to an increase in hair loss for people of all ages, triggering an increase of awareness for why you must look after your hair, TikTok has taught us all plenty this year!

MoroccanOil will be a huge trend and must-have in everyone’s self-care regime, as it rejuvenates and strengthens hair follicles- meaning your hair is strengthened from the inside out and your locks will be returned to former glory in no time! Many individuals style and prep their hair using heat, particularly with the regular use of Zoom calls. This can be exacerbated through using drying ingredients within your everyday shampoo and conditioner. So MoroccanOil came up with a unique solution- the MoroccanOil Treatment Oil which can be easily incorporated into your current routine but most importantly, it is packed with rich antioxidants and is sulphate and paraben free, which people will love to invest in during 2021 as part of their new self-care regime.

Moroccanoil Home & Away Gift Set 100ml Original Oil + 25ml Original Oil


Another very important cosmetic trend for 2021 is hand care. We all find ourselves using antibacterial gels, antibacterial sprays, and antibacterial wipes all so often, it has become an ingrained part of our lives. With this comes a multitude of drying properties, it strips our hands and nails of our body’s naturally producing oils and moisture, making hand care more important than ever.

Hand and Nail cream must become a staple self-care regime item when using antibacterial gel regularly, it will increase elasticity, reduce the increased signs of aging and prevent cracks in the skin. You can even add a cuticle oil alongside your hand cream to this cosmetic trend. This gives extra nutrients to the nails and hands, as your cuticle acts as a protective barrier for your nails- it is key to look after it!

The Bioderma Atoderm Hand and Nail Cream provides the moisture, protection and is non comedogenic- meaning that it is great for all skin types! Invest in the protection of your hands and keep an eye out for this cosmetic trend for 2021.

Bioderma Atoderm Hand & Nail Cream 50ml | Scentsational

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