MoroccanOil Treatments for Oily Roots and Dry ends

Treatments for oily roots and dry ends are often searched for, but the holy haircare grail is often left unfound. As MoroccanOil anticipates their 13th year anniversary in 2021 of providing nourishing hair care to women and men worldwide, Scentsational have brought out a new full range of MoroccanOil at a discounted rate!

To celebrate the upcoming brand anniversary, we wanted to explore their history. It started when Carmen Tal began her mission to reveal the magical and transformative powers that Argan Oil has. This birthed MoroccanOil, particularly for those needing treatments for oily roots and dry ends. It didn’t just stop there… she even showed the magical powers through their body care range, leaving skin soft and supple- which Scentsational now stocks!

 ‘My greatest inspiration was to listen to the inspiration around me… and to listen to the women around me, for whom I created Moroccanoil’ – Carmen Tal

So what is so special about Argan Oil in MoroccanOil?

We understand how difficult and challenging it can be to find that perfect go-to shampoo which actually hydrates with it’s treatments for oily and dry ends! If you feel like me, where you have tried everything on the supermarket shelves and nothing has provided the moisture and protection you have been so desperately needing, then keep reading…

Argan oil really magical, it is enriched with fatty acids, vitamin E, and a range of antioxidants which has been a well-kept secret in Indian and Mediterranean haircare for generations!

Infused with Argan oil, it makes it the secret ingredient for their shampoos and treatments for customers with oily roots and dry ends. It acts as  UV protector, which prevents hair damage and premature hair loss due to the extent of minerals and fatty acids it contains. Most uniquely, the Moroccan Oil ingredient provides hydration whilst ensuring elasticity is restored, so moisture levels remain consistent without storing excess oil at the scalp. MoroccanOil has different ranges so that it caters to every hair type and problem area! MorrocanOil really is the holy grail, with shampoos and treatments for oily roots and dry ends, this brand is the sign we have all been looking for!

Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil Pure Restoration 50ml (

This Pure Argan Restoration Oil will become your go-to for anyone needing extra treatment for oily roots and dry ends. This concentrated formula will immediately be absorbed by the hair shaft to deposit all essential nutrients and transform your hair from root to tip. It regulates the oil production throughout the hair shaft and will, in tandem, manage your oily roots whilst focusing on your dry ends.

 The Moroccan Oil is highly restorative by acting as a sealant upon split ends and bringing your hair back to life by eliminating frizz and providing UV protection. The distinctive argan oil scent transports and arouses the senses, we can all now detect and love the fresh distinctive scent! The perfect balance between invigorating amber florals then suddenly blooming with sweet florals. The Moroccan Oil Pure Argan Oil is spa like for all, but it allows haircare to become a luxury rather than a bore for those troubled by oily roots and dry ends. Love your hair every day!

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil 25ml | Scentsational

The brand’s renown signature product is the award winning treatment oil for all hair types, but definitely is a miracle working treatment. The unique formula promises long lasting manageability, smoothness and hydration all whilst eliminating excess oil in every use. The infusion of argan oil and a combination of antioxidants, provides unbeatable salon-worthy results, on damp or dry hair, whatever the weather!

The formula is infused with Vitamin E and fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 which is much needed nutrients for the hair which penetrates through the hair shafts, for optimum results, as this glosses over and repairs split ends whilst managing oil levels at the roots by focusing on the ends, this makes this the perfect treatment for oily roots and dry end users! Give your hair a little love everyday…

A little tip, heat it for 15 seconds in the microwave. Section your hair into 4 equal parts and massage the warm oil into each section- the blood flow can stimulate hair growth (but rinse thoroughly).

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask Light 75ml | Scentsational

This 5 minute revival is so versatile, for those looking for a light treatment to aid their oily roots and dry ends, this can be used as a leave-in conditioner and a weekly treatment mask as a hydration booster and split end sealant, for the dry ends.

This deep conditioning mask is for all hair types but is a secret holy grail treatment for oily roots and dry ends because it is a light alternative- meaning it won’t weigh your locks down and enhances your volume and seals split ends.

In just 5 minutes, your hair can be transformed from lifeless and limp to hydrated and bouncy. The special formula increases elasticity and improves hair texture by depositing argan oil and antioxidants into the hair shaft, managing oil levels in the scalp and depositing further nutrients at the ends- making it a perfect treatment for oily roots and dry ends.

A little tip, if you are in desperate need for extra hydration on your dry ends, add 4 drops of the MorrocanOil Treatment Oil to the hydrating mask light and massage into your target areas! You can thank me later!

MoroccanOil can also be used on coloured hair for vibrant colour enhancements, Scentsational stock many ranges from MoroccanOil at a discounted rate. You can also find MoroccanOil bundles, the one below is the perfect starter kit and works for those with oily roots and dry ends.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Care Travel Kit – With Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Cream and Treatment (

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