Nars Makeup Gifts for Her

‘Don’t hold back. Be bold. It encourages others to do the same’.  – François Nars

We at Scentsational are so excited to have started launching one of the most popular and renown makeup brand- NARS Cosmetics. Known for their seamless foundations, pigmented eyeshadows and their risqué product names, we want you to have the latest intel on the brand and the Nars makeup gifts for her!

The brand was born in New York by François Nars in 1994. Originally from France, he studied makeup artistry at the Carita Make-up School in Paris before moving to the hustle and bustle of New York. It began with the launch of their famous pigmented lipsticks, with the vision of individuality and peace, which is why myself and millions of others have Nars adacious lipsticks as a staple in our makeup bags! But the NARS we know today has continually evolved and grown to each decade makeup changes, showing the versatility of this core brand.

This high-end makeup brand has inevitably provided us with the best makeup gifts for her, such as the dual-intensity eyeshadows, seamless foundation, gliding lip pencils as well as their audacious lipstick collection!

NARS Connor Tingley Matte Lip Pencil Set (

The NARS lipsticks are known to be super pigmented, long lasting and smudge proof on the lip, which is why it’s so worth investing in! Trust me, if you come home with this NARS makeup gift for her, you will be in her good books for months!

The NARS Connor Tingley Matte Lip Pencil is such a popular makeup gift for her due to it being not just one, but a four-part collection of the famous NARS velvet matte lip pencils! The long lasting matte formula is perfect for dressing down as an everyday lipstick, your go-to work lipstick look, your signature lip or even your daring, bold lip for after lockdown! Either way, the lip pigment will remain for hours without a single touch up and that crave for a seamless colour will remain too!  It fills in the lips with a highly pigmented veil and you can overline for that extra plump or you can press harder for that extra definition and pigment. Trust me when I know that feeling of not wanting matte lipsticks or liners, the tightening feeling on my lips is what I dread, but this vitamin E enriched formula keeps your lips nourished and plump underneath- extra bonus points!

If I was on the receiving end of the NARS Connor Tingley Matte lip pencil set as a NARS makeup gift for her, I would not need anything else!

– Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Grotto 2.4g

– Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Rosa 2.4g

– Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Ladrillo 2.4g

– Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Amontillado 2.4g

NARS Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow 4g – Surabaya (

I honestly believe that eyeshadow can really make or break your whole look! You can dramatize it in an instance with something bold and daring like a mystical blue with a touch of glimmer, or you can dress it down as your signature office look with a dash of nude and darker in the outer edge, that’s why the NARS duo eyeshadow in the shade Surabaya is a perfect NARS makeup gift for her! The coppery shimmer will definitely be the summer colour of 2021! It matches perfectly with pastel colours or a total black outfit! The darker nude can be used just above the lash line as a slight eyeliner if you want something less bold, it is so versatile!

This complimentary duet of colours to lavish the eyes, the NARS Duo Eyeshadow are so pigmented that a small stroke across the lids, is more than enough or add more for extra drama… The best part about this NARS makeup gift for her is that it is long wearing and resistant to creasing, what more could she need?

NARS Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow 4g – Kalahari (

Create unforgettable makeup looks with the NARS Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow. The Kalahari eyeshadow pigments are the ultimate summer eyeshadow! The subtle pink and darker shade of nude is exactly what we want to see in 2021! Natural makeup is so in, this NARS makeup gift for her will show that you really pay attention to the makeup trends!

Boasting two complementary shades, thecolour combination allows you to create bold or subtle looks with minimal effort.

You can add depth and dimension in a minute and a hot tip for this, would be matching this with a NARS makeup gift of the audacious lipstick in shade Jane, trust me, you can thank me later.

Kalahari shades derive from the Kalahari desert, you can just tell from looking at the hyper pigmented shades that the inspiration must have been from a picture of the sunset, because that is exactly how it makes me feel. I will even be putting this on my list for NARS makeup gifts this year.

Due to newly stocking NARS products at Scentsational, we are really excited about this new project, so if you haven’t found the perfect NARS makeup gifts for her in here, then keep your eyes peeled on our website for new products! What is better than NARS with a discount? Please contact Scentsational directly if you require further assistance.