Spring Nail Colours

This spring will be slightly different to all the springs any of us have ever experienced due to the gradual easing of lockdown. So, your nails will not only represent the blooming of spring, flowers and the end of winter, but will reflect your feelings of relief, excitement and anticipation. After months of not going to the salon, I can’t be the only one who has mastered doing my nails at home! And if you are one who must go to the salon, April 12th still feels like a little while away, so why not perfect your spring nail colours at home for now?

With all this said, it really is time to put those darker nail polishes away… Yes, including your favourites!  Replace these emotive colours with your spring nail colours. Keep reading to find the 2021 spring nail trends with a great discount too! The pastel colours are the ultimate mood-lifters, with pastel green reflecting your daily walks and bright tones for hopes of a holiday, all you need to do is find the best for you!

Or even better, use a selection of spring nail colours for Easter which is just around the corner and incorporate a bit of nail art if you are feeling brave…

But not all nail polishes can give you that extra edge that you’re looking for, I hate when you paint your nails with such precision & then the next day it’s chipped! That’s why at Scentsational we only supply the best, Essie or OPI for that long-lasting coverage for spring nail colours. Whether your working from home, home-schooling or doing the house chores, trust me when I say that having your nails a lovely spring colour, is a true game changer!

Say bonjour to the ultimate spring nail colour! This colour is loved across the globe as the ‘perfect french manicure pink’ and is an annual award-winner! This dusty pink is so versatile and iconic in that you can paint it all over or try a DIY French manicure at home! The high shine and glossy finish makes it look like you have been to the salon for a fresh coat of gel nails, the same finish but a fraction of the price!

This spring nail colour in the shade Mademoiselle is a lacquer, meaning the durability of the polish is truly outstanding, plus the brush has been made for a flawless application!

You really cannot go wrong with the perfect shade of pink this spring! It is a reminder of all the baby pink roses that will be blooming and mirrors the blossom that our roads will soon be enveloped by. Buy your favourite spring nail colour today and trust me, you will not regret it.

 Essie Nail Lacquer / Polish – Mademoiselle 13.5ml. (scentsational.com)

Doesn’t just the name of this nail polish, Hawaiian Orchid just scream ‘spring nail colour’! I immediately think of a blooming orchid with a tropical feel, making it perfect for spring as the flowers begin to bloom. The hue of purple tones is what makes this colour perfect for spring and reminds you of all the different flowers that will be coming alive in the upcoming months. The formula of the OPI lacquer is a strengthening treatment too which reduces the risks of peeling, chipping and breakages- this is much better than acrylics! This OPI hero creates the perfect foundations for your natural nails, why not use this lockdown period to grow your nails out and treat yourself to a DIY manicure with brand new spring nail colours?

The high gloss shine gives you that salon finish, but for those spring nail colour matte lovers, you can apply a matte top coat as usual for your preferred finish! OPI nail polishes are so versatile and high quality.  OPI Nail Lacquer Hawaiin Orchid | Scentsational

The OPI correct and clean up is not a spring nail colour, however it ensures that you have the best spring manicure application! The Corrector pen has been carefully designed to clean any excessive nail lacquer surrounding the cuticles and nail edges for a clean, professional looking manicure, for even the most unsteady of hands. It completes your DIY spring nail colour manicure with a salon style finish!

OPI Correct & Clean Up | Scentsational

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If you need further assistance on finding the perfect spring nail colour for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Scentsational, no matter your nail colour preference, we can find something for you! Self-care has proven to be so important during these difficult times and it does not have to be costly, find your spring nail colour and see the change in your mood in an instant.