Spring Fragrance Gift Sets

Spring fragrances are the epitome of new beginnings, fresh, light and floral undertones are the best for March onwards where you see the flowers beginning to bloom and a new eco-system coming alive. Especially with the national lockdowns throughout winter, the spring fragrances arrive with optimism despite everything, representing growth, cheer and lighting the way for the rest of the year. That’s why at Scentsational we have listed the spring fragrance gift sets to treat yourself or a loved one as a symbol of optimism and light after such difficult times. With the first day of spring less than 2 weeks away!

Spring symbolises the actions of new, transformative and improvement, so if you have ever planned on changing your signature scent, with out spring fragrance gift sets, now is the time! Pick your favourite from the list below and start spraying your way through spring.

Not only does the Marc Jacobs Daisy Love gift set exude spring fragrance in it’s visual aesthetic, the light floral scent embodies the spring and is completed with a 75ml body lotion and shower gel, meaning that your spring fragrance gift set will really help for a signature scent development. Signature scent is all about continuity and this is it! The scent in one spray transports you to rows and rows of flowers and an image of you making daisy chains, look no further with this spring fragrance gift set! We only want good vibes this year.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love – Gift Set With 50ml EDT Spray, 75ml Body Lotion and 75ml Shower Gel (scentsational.com)

This is a more endearing spring fragrance gift set by Giorgio Armani, released in 2019. The unique combination of floral notes and passionfruit intrigues me. The floral notes feel like a fresh cut bouquet, before the fruity notes envelop you. The citrus notes transport me to the beach, so why not skip spring altogether and head right to summer? This spring fragrance gift set reminds us all that you do not have to switch to the stereotypical light and airy fragrance every spring, choose what best suits you. This intense fragrance captures all the senses and exudes mystery.

Giorgio Armani Si Passione – Gift Set With 50ml EDP Spray, 7ml Miniature and 75ml Body Lotion (scentsational.com)

Lancome Idole – Gift With 100ml EDP Spray, 10ml EDP Purse Spray and 50ml Perfumed Body Lotion (scentsational.com)

The newest of the range, Lancome Idole is a new spring fragrance gift set at Scentsational and I cannot get enough of it! The fragrance family of floral chypre is embodied by the model, Zendaya with the view of sustainable beauty with solidarity beauty. It fits the spring fragrance criteria of being light, airy and laced with rose and florals, with a morning dew feeling. I love the use of apple accords here, the crispiness exudes spring! The bottle is even refillable, that is why Scentsational loves this spring fragrance gift set and we urge you to make this your spring signature fragrance in 2021.

We also agree with the women empowering behind this fragrance, with Lancome being traditionally seen as a mature female line, they have revolutionised themselves with this fragrance to target all women. So when you pay for your spring fragrance gift set, you will be investing in Idole itself.

If the name does not say enough, then all you need to do is have one spray to understand that the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is the epitome of a spring fragrance! This spring fragrance gift set has been made for a change in scent, the dusty pink visual and lingering trail is fabulous for the outdoors. It is an all year-round scent, especially for date night but the floral notes are impeccable for spring. I recommend focusing on your pulse points for this one, to intensify the notes even further.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb – Gift Set 50ml EDP, 50ml Shower Gel and Body Cream (scentsational.com)

I cannot get enough of this sweet sparkling floral fragrance. The seductive heart note of praline entices me to spray even more! It has become my go-to fragrance for the spring and summer months. It is a light everyday spray for the spring, and this spring fragrance gift set makes it perfect to add some continuity and personalisation with the lipstick! This makes a perfect gift for a loved one, particularly Mother’s Day, Easter and spring birthdays! The gift set is a great gift on a budget too, you do not need to splash for a great spring fragrance.

Nina Ricci Nina – Gift Set With 50ml EDT 2.5ml Lipstick (scentsational.com)

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If you need further assistance on finding the perfect spring fragrance gift set for yourself or a loved one, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Scentsational, no matter your scent preference, we can find something for you! Now is the chance to change your signature scent or embody the spring, so let Scentsational help you in this spring fragrance journey!